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The Landisville Mennonite Church is a congregation of 250 members and belongs to the Atlantic Coast Conference of Mennonite Church USA. Mennonites began worshiping as a group in the Landisville area in 1721, about eleven years after the earliest Mennonites arrived here.

During the first years, worship occurred in homes of church members. The first official meeting-house was the log structure which still stands. It was likely built between 1740 and 1756 and is one of the oldest meetings houses standing in its original location in the country. Members worshiped in two other churches on the same grounds as the log church at 175 Church Street, Landisville, before moving into the present building on 3320 Bowman Road.

The Mennonite Church was formed in the 16th century within the Protestant Reformation in Europe. Today there are Mennonite congregations in 61 countries with over 973,000 members. Mennonites believe that the church is made of people whose sins have been forgiven and who choose to follow Christ’s teachings. Mennonites believe that Christians should try to relate to each other and the world in the same loving, forgiving way that Jesus practiced.