Child Protection Guidelines

Keeping Children Safe at Landisville Mennonite Church

We want our church to be a sanctuary, a place of refuge for people of all ages. To protect our most vulnerable, our children, we have a child protection program and policy.

In addition, we commit ourselves to the following:

  • Two or more people will be present with any group of children or youth, at least one of whom will be older than 21. In Sunday School classes, while there may only be one adult per group, superintendents will constantly circulate and observe the classes through the windows.
  • Windows to rooms will be unobstructed so others may observe inside.
  • Physical touch will be part of caring relationships, but all will think and act carefully when expressing such affection. Those in supervision roles will, when necessary, ask permission before hugging or touching, and will respect a child or youth’s refusal.

For a full description of our Child Protection Policy please contact Christy Kauffman, our Administrative Secretary.